Warehouse Line Striping

Warehouse Line Striping

ASG Services lead the way in internal striping marking technology, through concrete preparation techniques, coating materials and application methods. In all this, durability and a cost effective approach have been fundamental factors.

Concrete preparation is central to achieving durability. Customers are able to have mechanical preparation carried out by shot blasting, grinding or shaving. These methods remove the smooth and/or old surface of a concrete floor to varying degrees, which in turn create alternate levels of performance. It can be likened to preparing wood before treatment. The fresher and rougher the surface, the longer the coating will last.


Methods provided:

  • Durable Embedded – the most durable form of internal marking available,
  • Shot blast – the most cost effective and durable method,
  • Direct epoxy – paint applied without preparation (can be removed later),
  • Floor tape – economy grade floor tape for temporary and none traffic use,
  • Durable tape – available from our online store (www.asgonlinestore.com).

Importantly, all methods and materials come in a range of colors making them ideal for 5s integration.

The vast scale and quantity require the most professional and organized approach possible, which is why we present every project in stages. This allows us to establish a schedule for the customer to use in pre-planning for our installation progress. Our installation personnel are trained and insured to carry out aisle marking installation works on all customer sites.

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