SpiralVeyor ML (multi-level)

SpiralVeyor ML (multi-level)

The SpiralVeyor ML is a Multi-Level Spiral (de-)elevator solution. It offers greater flexibility when designing your lay-out in 3 dimensions. The ML solution is an Value Added Feature to the SpiralVeyor adding additional infeeds and outfeeds. Products can be merged into, or be diverted from, the SpiralVeyor on different llevels.
The ML can be used as de-elevator or elevator to and from picking levels, to combine multiple product flows, vertical sorter, a buffer system and vertical switcher or a combination. The SpiralVeyor ML solutions have been granted several patents.

Logistic shipping cases

Various machines with transporting shipping cases at multi-levels.

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Leaflet SV-ML

Leaflet of the SpiralVeyor Multi-Level

SPR-cuts to the chase

Short press release cuts to the chase with STIHL with one of our authorised integrator