Rack Labels

Rack Labels

Each barcode location label leaving ASG is different from another, the design, content, colors, material and more, combine to make a unique label for a unique pallet location in a distribution facility. We design mono and full color layouts to meet the preference of the customer where budget, color coding and other factors play a part. Color rack location labels are used to help differentiate levels, zones and in some cases, product groups.

The key performance benefits of the materials we use:

  • Polyester – An extremely strong and stable material retaining original profile, therefore print clarity and deflection is beyond almost any other, which is perfect for barcode labels.
  • 3M Retro Reflective – Returns a far greater amount of light to the source allowing barcode readers to detect bars from much greater distances, there labels can be placed on high beams for example.
  • Plastic Composite – A formation of several layers to create a rigid label which integrates the print for protection, is much harder wearing and combined with specialist adhesives, idea for cold and harsh environments.


Installation Services

ASG Services is renowned for its installation project management services.

We provide professional, fully managed and insured installation teams throughout the USA, who install location identification products on a daily basis. Their attention to detail and understanding of warehouse location number sequences is essential in achieving the volume and accuracy they are capable of.

We invite you to contact us and start your project discussions early. The more information we can share the better, such as considerations regarding your racking layout, location numbering convention and any operational restrictions.

Find out more on our rack labels page.