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Pro Glove

As companies look to re-open their operations or enhance their social distancing protocols,

ProGlove has added a new Proximity feature to the ProGlove Connect app for Android that

works as a standalone application or in conjunction with MARK hands-free wearable scanners.


ProGlove Connect Proximity is a free application that helps businesses in warehousing, logistics,

manufacturing, and transportation to adhere to physical distancing measures and adapt their

operations with worker safety top of mind. The app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals on

the smartphone or tablet to triangulate the signal strength of nearby devices also running the

app to approximate the distance between devices.


Workers receive audible, optic LED light, and haptic vibration signals on their MARK wearable

scanners when they are within a preset distance from other workers alerting them to observe

social distancing measures taken by the company. ProGlove Connect Proximity is meant to be

used in conjunction with other best practices from government agencies and health experts.


Getting started with ProGlove Connect Proximity is fast, easy, and free of charge, so you can

quickly implement enhanced social distancing measures using the latest technology.