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Mobile Industries Inc., is a leading manufacturer and a global supplier of material handling equipment. Founded over 53 years ago as a manufacturer of pallet trucks, Mobile has since grown into an industry leader of material handling products with two important priorities: manufacturing and distribution of high quality product, and assurance of the most timely and efficient service possible to our customers. This same dedication to quality and detail is carried throgh to our distribution, sales, and aftermarket support of the complete Mobile product line. Throughout its 50+ year history, Mobile's committment to growth and innovation has been the driving force behind its domestic production capabilities, and todate, that remains unchanged. Our focus is on providing our customers with high-quality products at economical altenative pricing. Our strategic warehousing locations allow Mobile to provide fast, and cost-effective product movement around the world. In an industry where " delivered pricing " is  the standard by which many customers judge a company's competitive positioning in the marketplace, the Mobile supply and shipping advantage may be one of its greatest assets.  Mobile supports its dealers and clienst with an extensive offering of customized design and private labelled product. we have partnered with some of the largest Material Handling suppliers in the industry.


APS33N Series Heavy Duty Self-Propelled Straddle Stackers

Mobile APS Self-Propelled Stacker series is  designed to handle a wide variety of heavy-duty applications. Available in either 2-stage or 3-stage telescopic masts and lift heights rangeing from 124" - 234" / 3300 lbs capacity / AC - drive System / Adjustable forks and  straddle legs / 25 Volt Electric System


CBS28N - 2800 lbs Mobile (Counter-Balance) Stacker

Mobile CBS28N (Counter-Balance) Self-Propelled Stacker is designed to handle a variety of heavy-duty applications. Able to lift loads up to 2800 lbs to a maximum of 177". Side-Shift option allows load to be moved side ways with moving the whole machines . Particularly usefull in restricted space applications. Adjustable forks. Tilting forks make the pallet stacking work easier and safer.  Ele...[more]


ECO I-44WL Weigh-Scale (w/ Thermal Printer)

ECO I-44WL(P) Weigh-Scale (with Thermal Printer option), enables the operator to easily lift, weigh and transport loads. The readout is available in metric or imperial  and can be used with internal rechargeable battery sourec or external AC input.  Easy to use clickable disply buttons / high contrast display / tare function / Tolerance : +/- 4.4 lbs. Features aa batteries (4 x 1.5V)...[more]


EFET33-LB - Lithium Powered Electric Pallet Truck

Mobile Full Electric " Lithium Powered " Pallet Truck Capacity: 3300 lbs / Maintenance free Smart (ligh weight) Lithium Battery: 24V / 36Ah / Integrated PIN code display for smart control and operation. Suitable for operation on loading docks. Automatic speed reduction at various tiller angles. Turtle Speed option. Active (upright) tiller  (suitable for confimed spaces). On-board diagnostics...[more]


EFET33SC Full Electric (Scale) Pallet Truck

EFET33SC is a Full-Electric pallet truck designed as an economic alternative to more expensive models that also features a built-in Weigh-Scale. These units feature powered operation  for lifting a lowering loads, and self-propelled movement for easy transporting of goods. The easy to read meter features a high contrast LCD display for better visibility, and " click-able " keypad. The compact...[more]


ESPT44RN (Heavy-Duty) Self-Propelled Pallet Truck

Mobile ESPT44RN  Ride-On Self-Propelled Pallet Truck is designed for heavy-duty lifting and transporting applications.  Features:  AC Drive System / 4400 lbs capacity available in narrow and wider fork widths.  Emergency switch and battery discharge indicator. Standard battery compartment  24V electrical system 


LLS22NU - Self Propelled

Mobile LLS22NU Series " Low-Lift "  Straddle Stackers with smart " Mono Mast "  are designed for increased visibility and operator comfort. Adjustable forks. Powerful  (2 x 12V 85Ah) maintenance free battery. Also available in fork-over style.   


Mobile RTS30N - Self-Propelled (Reach) Stacker

Mobile RTS30N -  Self-Propelled  (REACH) Stacker. Capacity: 3000 lbs Reach distance of 22" (with fork tilting) makes  stacking deep inside racking relatively easier and safe. CAN-BUS Tiller / Optional : Side-ways battery exchange rdeucing down time to a minimum. Electric steering makes the the work movement effortless.  Straddel Legs and optional larger load wheel  with 9....[more]


APS Series Self-Propelled Stackers

Mobile APS Series Self-Propelled Stacker in operation

Mobile RTS30N Series " Reach " Stackers

Mobile RTS30N Series " Reach " Stacker in operation

ESPT44RN (Ride-On) Self-Propelled Pallet Truck

ESPT44RN in operation

APS Series (Walkie) Self-Propelled Stacker