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DACS manufacturers corrugated steel decking products and accessories for material handling. Products include mezzanine sub-flooring, fire barriers, Punch Deck® open area rack decking, Punch Deck® PLUS smooth-surface open area rack decking, solid rack decking and FlueKeeper®.

Punch Deck and Punch Deck PLUS are approved by FM Global for insurance fire regulation compliance in a warehouse environment. FlueKeeper keeps required flue spaces open, maintaining 3 inches of clearance between rack and stored materials.

DACS fire barriers can be used on storage racks horizontally or vertically to block the spread of fire, or to capture heat for in-rack sprinkler activation.


Fire Barriers

DACS Fire Barriers are used to block the spread of fire, or to capture heat for in-rack sprinkler activation. Features: DACS solid steel fire barriers satisfy fire code requirements when storing highly flammable items such as plastics, aerosols, liquors, oils or furniture. Fire Barriers can be used horizontall or vertically. Available for all rack types Available in a variety of gauges, fin...[more]



DACS FlueKeeper is a simple, cost effective way to keep stored materials out of required rack transverse flue spaces. Features: Allows your sprinkler system to function as designed by maintaining 3 inches of flue space on each side of rack columns. Satisfies insurance guidelines and local building inspector criteria (may be required by International Fire Code®). Easy installation - new f...[more]


Punch Deck®

DACS Punch Deck combines the strength of corrugated steel rack deck with an open surface area. Punch Deck features: Fire Protection: Large openings (more than 50% open area) allow sprinkler water through to lower levels. FM Approved: Punch Deck has been granted Factory Mutual (FM Global) Approval. Uniform Strength: High capacity with low deflection. No Waterfall Edge: Flush design for easy ...[more]


Punch Deck® Plus

DACS Punch Deck Plus is a unique solution for rack storage of furniture in a sprinklered warehouse environment. Punch Deck Plus is made from open area flat cap over open area Punch Deck. Features: Ideal for storage of items with legs or point loads. FM Approved Easy to install in either pallet rack or cantilever rack Galvanized finish is bright and maintenance free Offered in a wide range ...[more]

FlueKeeper from DACS

FlueKeeper is a simple product designed to keep stored material out of fire code required flue spaces in a warehouse environment. Our video explains the purpose, applications and types of FlueKeeper from DACS.