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Over the last two decades, CIP has become known as a reliable vertical lift manufacturer and material-handling company. Our mission is to uphold our reputation by continuing to provide high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and innovative material-handling solutions. 


C-Series VRC Lift

The C-Series, or Cantilever Lift, is perfect for a variety of load sizes and weights. The one-sided lifting design offers strength and stability to effortlessly move your items between levels. 


FP-Series VRC Lift

Our Four-Post Lifts are designed for moving larger, heavier loads, and the capabilities of these lifts are virtually limitless. The design is also scalable to provide large platform sizes capable of transporting forklifts and cars. 


PM-Series VRC Lift

The PM-Series lift is designed for moving materials between two or more levels. Its modular design allows for easier installation and implementation. 


S-Series VRC Lift

Our Straddle Series Lift is the most versatile lift used across a variety of industries and applications. Its simple design is reliable, and affordable. 


TL-Series VRC Lift

The TL-Series VRC Lift is the most versatile and easy-to-use lift in its class. It maximizes the utilization of space while improving safety and efficiency. 

  • PM-Series VRC Lift (Modular)
  • PM-Series VRC Lift (Modular)
  • VRC installation in an existing shaft
  • TL-Series VRC Lift (Modular)
  • Cantilever VRC Lift
  • Cantiliever VRC Lift for outdoor use
  • FP-Series VRC Lift
  • Material Basket
  • Material Basket with drop door
  • S-Series VRC Lift
  • S-Series VRC Lift
  • TL-Series VRC Lift (Modular)

PM-Series Install Timelapse

Watch as we install and test a PM-Series VRC Lift and CIP headquarters.

S-Series VRC Lift

Take a tour of CIP's popular S-Series VRC Lift.

TL-Series VRC Lift

Learn the basics of CIP's VRC Lift for smaller materials

Custom Industrial Product Plant Tour

Take a virtual tour of CIP's Melbourne, FL manufacturing facility.

CIP in Action

Push performance higher, open more areas, and secure safer workflow and elevate the bottom line with CIP. Custom Industrial Products, Inc. has helped thousands of clients across all different industries elevate their materials and goods. Our vertical material lifts allowed them to increase productivity and improve safety. Why CIP? We’re Simply Better. Vertical Material Lifts from CIP: - Are quieter - Provide a smoother lift - Deliver the lowest cost of ownership - Requires no renovations - Average a 20 plus year lifespan with over 1 million cycles To learn how a material VRC lift can increase productivity and improve safety for your organization, contact our Solutions Specialists at 321-728-3355. You can also visit our website at

VRC Lift Line Card

Overview of CIP's VRC Lift product line and key features & benefits

PM - Series Modular Lift Spec Sheet

Spec sheet on CIP's most popular PM-Series modular VRC Lift.

TL-Series Modular Lift Spec Sheet

Spec sheet on CIP's Tiny Lift (TL) Series modular VRC Lift.

C-Series (Cantiliver) VRC Lift

Spec sheet on CIP's Cantilever VRC Lift.

S-Series VRC Lift

Spec sheet on CIP's S-Series VRC Lift.

FP-Series (Four Post) VRC Lift

Spec sheet on CIP's Four Post VRC Lift.

VRC Paint Finishes

VRC Lift standard paint finishes.