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AmbaFlex is the partner for customized material handling systems based on spiral conveying technology! Our unique SpiralVeyor is used in a wide range of markets and applications for vertical transportation, temporary storage and the accumulation of single goods and packed products. We are an indepenent global company that has developed, produces, and also maintains, the SpiralVeyor system to ensure that our customers receive the most cost effective solutions available today. Our purpose: "We maximize the potential of material handling systems worldwide through innovative, high-quality, spiral conveying technology and exceed customers' expectations from sales to service. We achieve this by continuous investments in our human capital and working environment."


AmbaVeyor Curved Solutions

AmbaVeyor is a flexible conveyor system that can run over long distances and can include curves, straights, and inclines with jus a single belt. Still, there is a demand for smaller ready to run, pre-assembled curved solutions to be integrated into traditional conveyor lines, which are able to resolve complex conveying issues. On top of these general AmbaVeyor features, the curved solutions progr...[more]


SpiralVeyor ML (multi-level)

The SpiralVeyor ML is a Multi-Level Spiral (de-)elevator solution. It offers greater flexibility when designing your lay-out in 3 dimensions. The ML solution is an Value Added Feature to the SpiralVeyor adding additional infeeds and outfeeds. Products can be merged into, or be diverted from, the SpiralVeyor on different llevels. The ML can be used as de-elevator or elevator to and from picking l...[more]


SpiralVeyor PreDefined Configuration LogiLift

The SpiralVeyor LogiLift is a special configuration of a spiral conveyor used in distribution centres. The transportation of shipping cartons and plastic (bin) containers needs to be carried out economically and  efficiently. The LogiLift is used for transportation around the loading dock, in (multi-level) order picking modules, around sorting systems, and in goods to man solutions.


SpiralVeyor SV (general)

The SpiralVeyor SV is the all-purpose spiral conveyor for medium to large sized products. It is ideal for handling secondary packed products and cases in logistics and is used for multiple functions ranging from elevation up to accumulation.Only one drive needed for height differences up to 50 ft, the belt length per drive 200 ft. A choice of many belt types with or without high friction are avail...[more]


SpiralVeyor SVe (extreme wide belt)

The SpiralVeyor SVe Series are the extreme wide belt spiral conveyors and specially designed to handle oversized products, parcels and bulk flow. The wide belt is built up from multiple parallel tracks that form one conveyor belt. The multiple belt track arrangement ensures enhanced pull strenght for high load applications all while remaining the most compact option of its kind. Up to 48" belt wid...[more]


SpiralVeyor SVo (for totes and crates)

The SpiralVeyor SVo Series is the economic solution for handling cases with repeating sizes. It is specially designed to handle rigid items with the same form factor. The spiral conveyor is based on the AmbaFlex single track technology. The difference is in the belt design with the scorpion back style shape. This patented design ensures a line contact with much more grip on the items to be handled...[more]

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A mixture of video's with Spirals for cases.

Leaflet SpiralVeyor SV-Series

Extra information about the SpiralVeyor SV-series for cartons, packs and cases

Leaflet SpiralVeyor SVe-series

More information about our SpiralVeyor SVe-series for large items and parcels

Leaflet SpiralVeyor SVo-Series

More information about our SpiralVeyor SVo-Series for totes and crates.

Leaflet with the 9 pre-defined curved solutions

More information about the AmbaVeyor Curved Solutions