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Advance provides large scale structural pallet racking solutions in all product configurations, including single selective, double deep reach, pushback, drive in, pallet flow and carton flow systems. Advance brings over 100,000,000 lbs. of steel production capacity per year and routinely ships project in excess of $5,000,000, on time and on budget. Advance Storage Products is the country's leading manufacturer of pushback systems, producing nearly half of the systems sold in the US.  Advance's LoPro Pushback racking solution is the recognized "gold standard" for ease of installation, ease of operation, quality and durability.  Advance's state of the art rack system manufacturing facilities in Cedartown, GA and Salt Lake City, UT were designed from the ground up, specifically to produce structural pallet rack and pushback industrial storage systems.  The integrated production process ensures on time delivery, proper sequencing of production and excellent quality at competitive prices, for all types of rack pojects for warehouses and distribution centers in the US and abroad.


ASP Single Selective Pallet Racking

Selective pallet rack is a commonly used racking system, but not all racking systems are equal.  Advance Storage Product’s bolted structural pallet rack exceeds the RMI (Rack Manufacturers Institutute) racking standards of quality, long life and durability, as well as, the IBC (International Building Code) standards for structural design. Selective rack accommodates flexibility in...[more]


Double Deep Reach

Store 2 pallet positions from a single aisle (4 pallets back to back) with the Double Deep Selective Pallet Rack.  This racking solution has fewer aisles than a single selective configuration which increases storage density while maintaining product accessibility. The Double Deep Reach warehouse racking system provides high-density storage at a lower initial capital cost when compared with o...[more]


Drive-In Pallet Racking

Drive-In rack systems provide a low budget and high density storage solution for customers with lower SKU counts.  Drive-In rack systems load from the back to the front (First-In Last-Out) as the forklift literally drives into the rack system, loads the pallet onto rails and backs out of the rack system.  As the system is loaded rear to front, it must it be unloaded front to rear. Drive...[more]


Drive-In Pallet Racking Retrofit

Convert your existing Drive-In Rack to Pushback using Advance’s patented Drive-In Retrofit system.  Realize the benefits of pushback warehouse storage without the cost of replacing your existing system! Fits into most existing drive in systems Results in a significant increase in selectivity and storage density Access each level of the system individually Increases SKU selectivity...[more]


Full Support Pushback (2 - 5 Deep)

Advance’s 2-5 deep Full Support Pushback warehouse storage systems are designed for shipping and other light duty pallets (up to 3,000 lbs).  Our Full Support Pushback storage rack systems can be configured with extra struts or wire mesh deck to support a wide variety of pallet configurations. In addition, unlike our competition, we provide pallet support in the last storage position b...[more]


Lo-Pro Pushback (2 - 6 Deep)

As the industry’s leading manufacturer of pushback systems, Advance produces nearly half of the systems sold in the United States.  Advance’s Lo-Pro™ pallet rack system is recognized as the “gold standard” for low stack height, ease of installation, ease of operation, quality and durability. Lo-Pro™ Pushback warehouse systems are used extensively in high-c...[more]


Pick Module

Pick Module pallet racks are designed for high-volume applications and are the perfect industrial storage solutions for full and split case picking. Our Pick Modules can be stacked 3-4 levels high, often with conveyors integrated to the rack system.  Modules will often incorporate carton flow, pallet flow, pushback nd other combinations for custom material handling....[more]


Pick Tunnel

High-volume single level picking operations can benefit from Pick Tunnels pallet racking systems because they provide superior warehouse storage density and cubic space utilization. Reserve product is stored over the picking aisle in pushback and pallet flow and fed by lift trucks to the picking lines using either pallet flow or carton flow....[more]

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Selective and Double Deep Installation for Food and Beverage Distributor

770,000 square feet of structural racking! Watch this 15 week installation for a food and beverage distributor consisting of 146,000 pallet positions, 100 rows and 773 aisles of double deep selective pallet racking.

Cold Storage Pallet Racking Installation

See 13 weeks in under 3 minutes! Watch as 984 bays of Double Deep Selective Rack holding almost 25,000 pallet positions are installed in this cold storage facility. Advance also used a unique cantilever base that allows the forks to slide underneath.

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