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Honeywell Intelligrated designs, manufactures, integrates and installs complete material handling automation solutions, including conveyor, IntelliSort® sortation, Alvey® palletizers, Honeywell Robotics, automated storage and retrieval systems, and voice- and light-directed picking technologies — all managed by advanced machine controls and our best-in-class Momentum™ warehouse execution system. By drawing on an ever-expanding portfolio and deep industry expertise, we provide best-fit, scalable solutions to help businesses optimize and manage their entire fulfillment processes, from receiving to shipping — and everything in between.    



Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) help you move higher volumes of product and make the best possible use of valuable storage space. Powered by Honeywell Intelligrated's innovative Momentum™ warehouse execution system, AS/RS are a key component of integrated systems that combine the right mix of automation, software and labor to optimize the productivity and throughput of unique...[more]


Case, Tote & Polybag Conveyor

Applying the right level of automation plays a key role in driving maximum productivity for growth. Honeywell Intelligrated offers an extensive variety of conveyor equipment, software and controls to solve the most demanding throughput challenges. Flexible options for case, tote and polybag handling are provided by a variety of accumulation, transportation, diverting, metering, merging and sortin...[more]


Intellisort® HS 2.0

Our innovative sliding shoe sorter is engineered with standardized, modular components for faster, easier installation and greater flexibility in divert placement. Designed for high speeds, enhanced safety and faster commissioning, IntelliSort®  HS 2.0 delivers the highest throughput rates and most effective product handling. It’s also backed by the best warranty coverage avail...[more]


Optimize Your Distribution Center or Warehouse With Honeywell Voice

Achieve higher levels of productivity and accuracy in your demanding distribution center (DC) and warehouse operations with Honeywell Voice, which utilizes voice-guided workflows that help you run a smarter, better business. We’ve successfully onboarded Honeywell Voice to nearly one million mobile workers around the world. We’ll move your workers safely and efficiently, maki...[more]


Palletizer and Depalletizer Applications

Conventional and robotic palletizers and depalletizers have become indispensable for automating labor-intensive tasks in modern manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment operations. Honeywell Intelligrated’s breadth of palletizing equipment and decades of industry experience provide best-fit palletizing solutions designed to address today’s demanding production and fulfillment requir...[more]

Sortation Solutions

Learn about Honeywell Intelligrated’s breadth of sortation solutions that can meet most distribution and fulfillment center needs including: throughput, speed and types of items sorted.

Honeywell Intelligrated Overview

Honeywell Intelligrated is helping the world’s most important retailers, E-tailers and manufacturers, as well as post-and-parcel providers, deliver goods at unimaginable speeds, accuracies and scales.

AS/RS Solutions Brochure

Flexible and efficient automated storage and retrieval systems from Honeywell Intelligrated provide quick access to products for a variety of fulfillment applications, ideal for operations with high-turn inventory storage and short order cycle times.

Automated Sortation Systems Brochure

With more than 100 years of experience and thousands of completed installations, Honeywell Intelligrated offers industry-leading sortation systems to fill critical roles in today’s most efficient and productive automated material handling systems. Sortation technologies accommodate virtually any product size and shape and deliver maximum throughput rates using the gentlest product handling.

Buried by eCommerce? Expand Sortation Capacity to Keep Up White Paper

The ongoing rise in e-commerce has caused a lasting shift in the way today’s consumers go about the buying process, pivoting from traditional brick-and-mortar store shopping to internet retailing, stretching distribution centers (DCs) to their max — with no signs of slowing down. E-commerce sortation and order fulfillment each play a critical role in this competitive, rapidly growing landscape, helping to support expanding inventory profiles and faster delivery. The shopping process that a customer used to perform at a retail store now falls to the supply chain, causing an increased proliferation of orders and a crucial need to sort them quickly and accurately. Enter: automated sortation technologies. Selecting a successful automated sortation solution for e-commerce fulfillment operations can be the difference between winning repeat business or frustrating customers into looking elsewhere. The decision-making process should include a combination of key order information gathering and outlining operational objectives. This white paper takes a look at ways to adjust and adapt to the ongoing e-commerce boom by maximizing sortation capacity. Download it to learn more information on what’s driving market shifts, what to consider when selecting an automated solution, how partnering with an experienced provider can help your operations thrive in the internet retailing era, and more.

Case, Tote & Polybag Conveyor Systems Brochure

Honeywell Intelligrated solves the most demanding throughput challenges with a range of case, tote and polybag conveyor systems, software and controls featuring forward-thinking designs and quality manufacturing ready for integration in today’s most sophisticated automated material handling systems.

Conventional vs. Robotic Palletizing White Paper

Is conventional palletizing dead? Rather than getting immersed in ambiguous statistics and marketing buzzwords like flexible or fixed automation, this paper will look at the specific applications that favor each technology to determine if the future of palletizing is exclusively robotic.

Corporate Capabilities Brochure

Honeywell Intelligrated designs, manufactures, installs and integrates complete material handling automation solutions tailored to the specific operational requirements of retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers. Solutions include industry-leading automation equipment such as conveyor, sortation, palletizing and robotic systems, combined with advanced software and controls. Honeywell Intelligrated backs each installation with complete lifecycle and 24X7 technical support.

Honeywell Voice Move Your Business Forward Brochure

Honeywell Intelligrated offers the top voice solution in the industry, specifically designed to fully leverage existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and warehouse management system (WMS) technology investments with the industry’s broadest and deepest data integration solution portfolio. We provide an elegantly integrated platform, from the headset to host data system, for maximum worker confidence and ergonomics. Honeywell Intelligrated is proud to lead the industry with Honeywell Voice market-leading A700x Series devices that optimize voice and scanning procedures.

Leverage Voice Technology in Retail Store Operations White Paper

Retailers must frequently adapt their service models to continually changing, perpetual shifts in consumer needs and expectations. To better accommodate expanding inventories, tighter margins, and a need to deliver a high-quality customer experience across multiple channels, retailers have already evolved their distribution centers (DCs) to meet demand. By extending an investment in voice technology from the DC to the brick-and-mortar store floor, retailers can leverage integrated, data-driven process efficiencies to bolster customer loyalty and maintain a competitive edge.

Pallet Conveyor Systems Brochure

Honeywell Intelligrated offers a full line of standard and custom-designed pallet conveyor systems to meet the pallet transportation and accumulation needs of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations. Pallet conveyors can function as either standalone equipment or as part of a fully integrated material handling system.

Sorting Out Your Sortation Options White Paper

Evaluating and adjusting your sortation workflow are key to efficiently managing the operation of your distribution center (DC). You may need a new system from recent growth or the integration of new business. But no matter your reason, you need to consider various factors before deciding upon a warehouse sortation solution that you feel is the best fit for your DC. There are several sortation solutions to choose from to help your DC perform with higher efficiency. Before deciding on one, weigh your options so that you can be best informed and make the right decision for your specific needs. For example, if you need to decide between choosing line or loop sorters, first learn their differences. Line sorters need separate conveyors for items not sorted in the first pass, while loop sorters work in a continuous loop and have more than one entry point. DC operators must also consider the nature of their operation and what their sortation solution will be used for. Warehouses that are sorting for shipping trucks will require a different sortation solution than warehouses whose goals are to consolidate and save space. Packaging types, durability and variety of items handled must also be considered before deciding which sortation solution best fits your DC. The purpose of this white paper is to guide readers through the process of evaluating and selecting the right sortation solution for their facility.

Selecting the Right Accumulation Conveyor White Paper

Accumulation conveyors can be critical equipment in a material handling system, providing buffer zones to hold product until downstream options have available capacity. Medium-pressure, zero-pressure and zero-contact are three types of accumulation conveyors that regulate product flow through automated systems, allowing operations to run more smoothly and accommodate fluctuations in product movement. Understanding the product mix and throughput rate requirements helps select the technology best suited to meet operational goals.

What to Consider For a Successful AS/RS Investment White Paper

With flexible, scalable layout configurations and the ability to handle high-volume, lightweight loads in a variety of containers, AS/RS shuttle technology delivers increased efficiency and accuracy for operations struggling to cope with rising land costs, demanding order fulfillment requirements and a shrinking industrial workforce. In order to implement a successful solution for maximum throughput, flexibility and efficiency, companies must consider several important factors as they evaluate and implement shuttle technology.