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At Autoquip, our mission is to put our customers in position to succeed. We want to become our customers’ most trusted partner through innovative lifting solutions, systems integration and controls capabilities.

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Since our founding in 1947, Autoquip Corporation has designed and built standard and custom lift equipment for major industries worldwide.  In doing so, we have established ourselves as the leader in custom material handling equipment. We have leveraged our 70 years of experience to continuously improve our product offering, engineering approach, and incorporate the latest technology and components.  Our complete line of lifting products, controls capabilities and integrative solutions coupled with our extensive industry experience allows us to offer our customers innovative solutions to improve their manufacturing processes. Our high skilled sales team and our group of talented engineers have built a reputation for taking on some of the most unique custom equipment design projects and delivering exceptional solutions. We take time to understand your application requirements and design and build an innovative solution that aligns with your goals.  


American Lifts

American Lift products are valued by many of our customers as the trusted lift equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively. The Tork Lift is a proven and flexible scissor lift used for special applications. Frequently designed into our OEM customers' products and systems, it ensures minimization of downtime in critical manufacturing environments. The very popular Compact Lift Table i...[more]


Bascule Bridge

Autoquip Bascule Bridges are hydraulically-operated drawbridges used to temporarily span a traffic way, such as a railway spur, alleyway, or dock-to-truck loading platform. The hydraulic bridge leaf/platform can be raised and safely stored in the full vertical position when not in use, eliminating the possibility of interference with rail or other cross-traffic. Bascule Bridges are available in si...[more]


Dock Lifts

Autoquip offers a complete line of Dock Lift equipment, including scissor lifts, truck levelers, bascule bridges, and ram lifts to maximize efficiency and utilization at the dock. We continually strive to design and build durable, long-lasting dock equipment that can hold up to the most rigorous loading and offloading applications. Most of our dock equipment can be modified or customized to meet t...[more]


Freight Lifts

Freight Lifts, also known as vertical reciprocating conveyors, provide an exceptional solution for transferring high-capacity freight between mezzanine levels. Autoquip's Freight Lifts provide a safe, economical, and reliable solution for your vertical lifting challenges all within a small footprint per your specifications. All of our freight lifts meet or exceed the requirements of ASME B20.1 (Sa...[more]


Scissors Lifts

Autoquip Scissor Lift Tables are built to last and deliver decades of reliable performance. Our single manufacturing focus is to deliver a superiorly designed lifting product that provides our customers with years of trouble-free, dependable operation. With over a 1,000 designs and options, you can be sure that Autoquip has the best and broadest lift tables available to provide the exact solution ...[more]



Autoquip offers the most diverse product line of Tilters in the industry. We have become the choice for many companies seeking an industrial tilter for repositioning heavy equipment, containers, coil spools, parts, and more. Due to our advanced engineering and heavy-duty construction, we have the capability to manufacture Tilters rated for high capacity loads, fast cycle times, reliability, and lo...[more]



Equipment Turn Tables provide a safe and efficient way for workers to easily access all sides of the worker by rotating the work toward them. Turn Tables also provide a reliable and versatile method for rotating extremely heavy loads. Our manual turntables are very easy to operate and offer an ideal solution for harsh industrial environments. Our Industrial Turntables can be either powered or manu...[more]


Work Platform Lifts

Fixed or portable scissor lifts with personnel guard rails and interlocked swing gates are used to position workers closer to the work for assembly or maintenance.

  • Mechanical 4 Post Freight Lift
  • High Capacaity Lift with powered turntable
  • Custom design solutions are made to solve your unique manufacturing challenges.
  • Mobile Mezzanine Lift
  • Mobile Work Stand
  • Dock Lifts for loading and unloading.
  • Extra Wide Double Long Work Platform Lift
  • Series 35 Standard Scissors Lift
  • Tork 4 High Travel Lift
  • Work Platfrom Lift with Shuttle Deck
  • Tork Lift
  • High Travel Freight Lift
  • Air Cargo Lift
  • Stacking Chain Mechanical Lift
  • Compact Lift for Railway Repair Applications

Autoquip Corporate Video

We offer our customers innovative solutions through our complete line of lifting products, controls capabilities, and integrative processes. All standard and custom Autoquip lifts are engineered to be the most durable, hardest working equipment around the globe. Visit us at www.autoquip.com or give us a call at 877-360-6777 for more information.

Autoquip Lift Products Brochure

A product catalog representing Autoquip's lifting equipment which provides specifications to help buyers with their purchasing decisions.

AQ Connect - Smart Control Panel for Lifting Equipment

This brochure includes the features and benefits to Autoquip's new intelligent control panel for lifting products. AQ Connect comes standard on all our VRC products and as an option on other lifting equipment.